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Internet browsing is the main time-consuming activity in today's everyday life. Giants like Google and Microsoft provide us with the most well-knows browsers for that, but there are new, less known but not worse alternatives. One of them is UC Browser.

The point the developers seem to be making is that speed and comfort can win against complexity. This browser is not as big and functional as Chrome of Firefox, not by a long shot, but it outdoes them in something else. First of all, it's fast, especially for a browser originating from mobile platforms. What's especially nice is that it has an advanced built-in download manager that provides a lot more functionality than its competitors. Not only are the downloads fast, but they can be paused and resumed when you need it. If you have a fast Internet connection, you can use this browser instead of torrents, since it's really easy to download directly. This is done to make a user's life easier, and the strategy pays off. The same goes for cloud compatibility. This is almost a requirement now, but UC Browser is the first to do it right. You can sync your data between all the devices with this browser installed, creating the single personal space you need, with all the references, notes, bookmarks, etc. It saves you from browsing speed dropping by advanced data compression. So it's comfortable, fast and pretty. The interface is simple and designed with 'easy on the eyes' as the main principle.

As I said, by default, UC Browser doesn't have all the advanced functions you may think of, but it has the same capacity for upgrading as its alternatives. So, if you want, you can add any extension you might need to add the thing missing from your perfect browsing experience.

All in all, I enjoyed trying out this browser. It's easy to use, not half bad to look at and fast. Maybe it's not as functional at the start, but the functions it has, it perfects.

James Lynch
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  • Fast speeds
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Download manager
  • Beautiful design


  • Advanced functions require downloading and installing extensions
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