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Simple and fast Internet browser with cloud integration
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UC Browser is an internet browsing solution trying to provide a competent alternative to current major players on the market. While it's still not as popular as Chrome or Firefox, it has enough tricks up its sleeve to make it interesting.

The very first thing that makes this browser stand out is its interface. It may seem a bit too complex to the naked eye. There are various menus and pop-up sub-menus an average user wouldn't be used to in other browsers. However, the basic principle of navigation here is the same as in any other browser, with additional interface elements only providing quicker and easier access to the browser's features. There's a standard full set of said features, including bookmarks, favorites, extensions manager, etc. Particular mention goes to the download manager, fully integrated and functional, on par with stand-alone applications, which is a rare thing for a standard tool.

The process of browsing itself is incredibly smooth if you have a properly functioning system. I am yet to find any glitch or freeze during browsing, so, as far as I'm concerned, this browser passes the usefulness test with flying colors. Special mention goes to the special data compression technology speeding up loading times when I encountered a particularly heavy page.
I should also mention the cloud technology integration. UC Browser is one of the first to to this, and even though I'm not big on cloud functionality, it has its uses. You can switch between devices using the same version of the browser, with all favorites, bookmarks and settings synchronized. You can also fully customize the design, changing themes, adding extensions and removing additional interface elements.

All in all, UC Browser is an impressive product, both in functionality and design. It can very well be the next big thing, having come from Android to PC in all its glory.

James Lynch
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  • Fast and smooth browsing
  • Customization options
  • Cloud integration


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